Rowan’s Creek Kentucky Bourbon 700ml

Back in the late 1700’s when John Rowan first settled in Kentucky, whiskey making was the order of the day. John went on and made a name for himself as a respected judge & statesman.  The creek still bears his name. As a small batch bottling the profile will vary from batch to batch.

The nose is ‘pretty’ for a Bourbon – almost floral, with aromas of beeswax, stewed pear, caramel fudge, light clove and white pepper. Incredibly approachable at high proof. So softly spoken, yet with a hard, peppery edge from the oak; just enough lingering vanilla/fruit sweetness to hold your attention, but the wood threatens the balance. Lean and savoury.

  • Region: Kentucky, USA
  • Alcohol: 50.05%
  • Size: 700ml
Region: Kentucky, USA
Alcohol: 50.05%
Size: 700ml 


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