Bests Great Western Old Clone Pinot Noir (call store for order enquiries)

In 1967, for the first time, Best’s made wine solely from the Miller’s Burgundy planting of 1868 (prior to that it’s believed it was always blended). In the mid 1980’s, Danny Schuster, a viticulturist and author of several books on viticulture, identified that the small amount of Pinot Noir amongst the Pinot Meunier vines was of two different clones- one of Swiss and one of French origin. The French clone was deemed superior, so eleven further rows of the French selection was planted in 1988 alongside the original planting. The clones are very old and Best’s still has the original 1868 vines which could be the oldest living Pinot Noir vines in the world. This wine is made solely from the rare and unique Best’s Old Clone Pinot Noir.

  • Region: Great Western, VIC
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Size: 750ml
Region: Great Western, VIC
Vintage: 2017
Size: 750ml 


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